How is it possible to complete a BBA in two years at BSL?

The BSL BBA 2-year program is equivalent to a three-year 200 ECTS bachelor program, accredited by ACBSP. In Europe, university programs are measured in terms of workload hours, which is a combination of class hours and study hours. The BSL program accelerates a typical three-year bachelor program into an intense two-year program by increasing the number of classes provided over the two-year period and by adding two 10 week summer terms.

The credit hours given by BSL differ slightly to both the traditional US systems of semester hours and quarter hours. During a calendar year, BSL gives four, ten-week terms, allowing students to earn 15 hours of credit per term. A student with a full load takes five, three credit-hour courses, with four contact hours per week per course, and thus spends a total of 20 hours per week in the classroom. By maintaining this rigorous schedule students can complete the 120 US credits required for the BBA in a minimum of eight terms or two calendar years.