Does BSL offer help to the students to find a job?

Yes, at BSL, a staff member is at the school especially to support students in their career orientation. BSL cannot “give” a job to students or graduates from BSL, but the school’s staff members do help all students in developing their career interests and contacts (professional networking).
Also, it is important to note that BSL is in Western Switzerland, and that this region of the country is unique in the world because it is home to an extremely high density of multi-national companies, international businesses, international financial services, international organizations, NGOs, professional associations, as well as humanitarian and charity organisations. All of these attract numerous small and large suppliers, consultants and commercial agents who all have interests in these larger organizations and multinational corporations as stakeholders or as partners. Studying in Western Switzerland is therefore a smart decision if you also want to develop your professional network. BSL staff work hard with industry leaders and professors to continuously develop all these contacts so students can benefit from them.