Newsletter – January 2017

We are starting the new 2017 year full of hope and dedication to be a positive force for good in the world! Now, more than ever, the work of each of us is important and our actions matter: we need more examples of globally responsible leadership and citizenship for a better world. At BSL, we will continue to have these conversations with our community of students, faculty, and partners, and we look forward to walking the talk with you all!

Monthly podcast: Matteo Stifanelli, Country Manager, Airbnb Italy

We are opening this year’s podcast series with part-time MBA participant Matteo Stifanelli who combines the MBA studies with a demanding, yet exciting job as a Country Manager for Airbnb in Italy. From setting New Year’s resolutions to planning his Management Report around the family pasta business and launching new Airbnb experience-based services, Matteo shares stories from his passion-driven life. Listen to the podcast now.

BSL releases 2016 PRME sustainability report

BSL released its 2016 PRME sustainability report which provides a comprehensive overview of the school’s developments in sustainability and responsibility in the past 2 years. The report covers strategic accomplishments such as the school’s advanced Thought Leadership strategy and the development of the GAP Frame. Learn more and read the full report here.

BSL Guest Speaker: Alejandro Dayan, Nestlé

Mr. Alejandro Dayan, Nestlé’s Head Office as Strategic Controller for the global culinary business, gave a talk to our Master students in International and Sustainable Finance last month. In a brief interview for BSL, Mr. Dayan shared some of his hopes, advice, and experiences with us. Read more now.

From the BSL blog: “Chocothon” hits sweet spot of collaborative innovation in Ghana

BSL has partnered with Google, the International Trade Center, the Future Food Institute, Crowdfooding, and other organizations to promote a “techno” focus on the sustainability and business threats around world cocoa supply. The initiative is launched under the hackathon-inspired name of “Chocothon” and launched its first 3-day event on 18-20 January in Accra, Ghana. Learn more now.

The Year of 30’s: 30 Things I learnt while staying in Paris for a month

In 2017, we are celebrating BSL’s 30th anniversary and will be featuring people, stories, and ideas under the overarching theme of the 30s throughout the year. Starting on a light note, we are sharing a blog from Dr. Katrin Muff, BSL partner and thought leader. In the blog, Katrin reflects on a month of creative writing and research through personal anecdotes, spiced up with zest and humour. Read the blog now.