Maurik de Groot – DBA Testimonial

“At BSL, I found more than just education; I found a community. The personal atmosphere, led with passion by Dominique and David, made me feel valued, not just as a student but as an individual. The familial environment, combined with an international peer group, made my learning both enjoyable and globally informed.

Networking and working on practical topics were key highlights of my BSL experience. It was not just about theories but applying knowledge in real-world scenarios, which is a significant advantage of studying here.

And let’s not forget Lausanne – what a fantastic place to study! The city added so much to my experience.

The range of topics covered by the professors was impressively broad, ensuring a well-rounded academic journey. The Doctorate Acceleration Week (DAW) was particularly excellent, accelerating my learning and research skills.

Thank you, BSL, for a memorable and impactful journey!”

– Maurik de Groot

Dr. Maurik de Groot