Business Innovation Week – Winter 2020/2021 – Day 4 Recap


The last day of the Business Innovation Week (BIW) was focused on sustainable business and alternative investments.

In the morning we had the opportunity to participate in a workshop and actively voice our concerns and opinions regarding the sustainable business topic. Students were active in the subject and expressed real concerns regarding the feasibility of doing a sustainable business and the “how” questions were present as well. I consider the workshop as an enriching experience; the concerns of other students were aligned to mine and the feedback from guest speakers were useful and provided a different point of view to the topic.

For the second half of the day, we had the opportunity to educate ourselves a bit more in the area of hot investment topics such as the bitcoin and other alternative investments. The guest speakers in the investment panel provided a professional point of view and advice was share, and in my opinion, of great value. I believe the most interesting pieces of advice provided were the ones regarding the investment decisions in emerging technologies. Mr. Jacques Bernizan explained how emerging technologies usually have different applications. When looking into the technology one should look at the different applications and consider this information when devising an investment decision.

The BIW ended on a fun note with a Kahoot quiz game. The questions revolved around the different topics presented throughout the week. The winner’s prize was Amazing where BSL will sponsor a student’s cost of their trip to Berlin for the next BIW! Congratulations to the winner!

Written by Isabel Rangel-Peniche

Master’s Candidate at Business School Lausanne