Business Innovation Week – Winter 2020/2021 – Day 2 Recap


Introducing Guest Speaker 1:  Edouard Haegi

After receiving an education in the watchmaking industry of Switzerland (Valais, CH), Mr. Edouard Haegi followed a BBA at IFM in Geneva and graduated in 2019. Being a young creative entrepreneur he joined Halka, a company of media production for luxury products as the deputy director in 2015. Today, Mr. Haegi is deputy director of Bazzile technology, a tech company.

Morning Presentation: 

Mr. Haegi, shared his professional experience with BSL students. He highlighted the importance of being passionate and being aware of opportunities for any entrepreneur. He engaged in an open discussion with our students about the pros and cons of an entrepreneur life which was meaningful. 

Mr. Haegi also shared some insights about his current job at Bazzile. The company created an app dedicated to the real estate industry. 

After receiving more details about the app, our students were challenged to find new ways for revenue streams for this venture. Students worked in groups to find the best solution that fit the app’s needs. It was amazing to see how students were involved regarding this real business case.

The winning team (Gabriel, Leon, Yasmina, Natali & Khachig) came up with precise solutions and were excited to exchange with Mr. Haegi and the audience: 

Their proposition was then deeper discussed with Mr. Haegi, following up with constructive feedback.


With the collaboration of Professor Marko Majer, BSL students had the opportunity to work on a Harvard simulation (Marketing). The simulation was structured in 6 quarters and for each quarter, decisions needed to be made regarding the products, advertising and pricing, by taking into account customer needs, market research and competitors. 

This simulation was an opportunity for students to have a meaningful insight into the running of a business in a professional atmosphere: from the creation of a product to the creation of demand. 


The competition was stiff thanks to the high engagement and effort from all students. The winning team was “Los Velos Hermanos” (Pierre and Tarek) followed closely by “SuperBikes” and “BE”.

Welcoming Mario Mello

Background: Graduate in Civil Engineering from the Polytechnic School of the University of São Paulo, (one of the most prestigious schools in Brazil), Mr. Mello has acquired nearly 30 years of experience in financial services, technology and business management industries. Prior to taking over as Managing Director of PayPal for Latin America in 2012, he was Managing Director of PayPal for Brazil during two years. In addition, he previously held the position of Visa Executive Vice President for Latin America, Statutory Director of Banco Real (acquired by Santander) and has also served on the board of directors of Cielo, CBSS and Fidelity Systems.

Mr. Mello is currently a board member at Tenda’s and TF as well as Operating Partner at Valor Capital Group. He also founded a non-profit civic start up – The Power of Voting.

Open interactive discussion with a Brazilian perspective, combined together with technology and business. 

Mr. Mario Mello shared personal advice with students about being an entrepreneur and about the future! 

Written by Hiba Elketroussi

Master’s Candidate & Student Council Member

at Business School Lausanne