Business Innovation Week – Summer 2023 – Live Updates

Welcome to the Business Innovation Week – Summer 2023 Edition!
Organized by the Student Council, for the Student Body.

Agenda & Information about the Summer BIW

BIW updates are presented in reverse chronological order

Day 3 – Wednesday 19.07.2023

Guest Speakers Guido Battaglia & Alumnus Michael Ahun are joining the BIW today.

Guido is the Head of Policy and Outreach at Centre for Sport and Human Rights.

Michael is a Talent Acquisition Specialist at the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in Lausanne.

Day 2 – Tuesday 18.07.2023

Guest Speakers Peter Cross & Charles Coplin are joining us at BSL today…

Day 1 – Monday 17.07.2023

Welcome back to another rendition of Business Innovation Week (BIW), organized, devised, and executed by our students, for our students.

This enriching week is a great way to end each term, helping remove the stresses and tension due to exams but also to keep the spirit of learning alive! What is fascinating about the way the BIW works is the fact that students vote on topics of interest to them.

Looking forward to this BIW – “Beyond the Game: A Week of Sports and Business”!