Master in International and Sustainable Finance


The Master of Science in International and Sustainable Finance (MISF) at Business School Lausanne, Switzerland, equips you with the knowledge and skills required for a successful career in the fast-paced financial sector of investment, trade and services, as well as for the dynamic business and corporate environment.

The MISF graduate program offers, for the first time in Switzerland, a full Master’s degree that prepares students for a career in finance by offering a strong foundation in traditional mainstream financial theory, but with the skills to carry out sustainability analyses in every sector of finance. This gives BSL graduates in international and sustainable finance an added value to their Master’s degree because, next to having a solid 1.5 years of study in mainstream finance as expected by employers and the industry of today, students will also be prepared for the coming changes in finance around the world.

What makes this Master’s program different?

NEW: To prepare our students for the real business world and boost their employability, we have launched the BSL Experiential Learning Internship Program (ELIP). ELIP gives you the opportunity to put your knowledge and skills into practice in a real business environment, experience the Swiss work culture first-hand and gain exposure that will give you a head start when you graduate.

The internships are structured, evaluated and recognized as an integral part of the course study and aim to prepare you for a smooth transition into the business world. The placement service is ensured through BSL’s long established relationships with organizations in the region.

>> Learn more about the internship program. 

At BSL, we get to know you. We combine small class size and industry expertise to provide a different learning experience – personalized, practical, and engaging. Our MSc in International and Sustainable Finance program offers:

  • Comprehension context: The dual approach to finance and sustainability gives students a full overview of all areas of finance (including banking, investment, trading and corporate finance), as well as a deeper understanding of what challenges affect finance, what new options emerge for this industry and how some actors are influencing change.
  • CFA® Level I Preparation: With the BSL International and Sustainable Finance program, you can take a set of preparatory courses for the CFA® Level I exam and thus make your profile more marketable.
  • Expert Knowledge: BSL professors are not just academics; they are seasoned and currently active business professionals who bring real-life experience into the classroom.
  • Personalized Learning: Small classes of between 6 and 23 students. This ensures personalized teaching and creates a highly dynamic and interactive learning environment.
  • International network: Over 60 nationalities are represented by BSL’s student body and faculty, allowing you to develop an important global network for life.
  • Leadership development: The BSL Master in International and Sustainable Finance program combines subject knowledge in key areas of finance with courses enhancing the students’ interpersonal skills for effective leadership and management.
  • Career Orientation: At BSL, students can ask for support for their professional networking. This support comes in different forms (introductions to BSL’s network of stakeholders, student council engagements, mentoring), and the result is that students can use their time at BSL to meet professionals in their fields of interest. These meetings can lead to useful contacts for internships and jobs.


Student Exchange Option in Beijing

Student Exchange Option in Beijing: includes a 6-month international cultural experience at the Business School of Renmin University of China in Beijing. This option is a valuable addition to the BSL Master’s programs and provides you with the opportunity to travel, add a global perspective, and gain a broader view of the world while studying for your degree. Transfer of credits may be possible depending on selection of courses taken at the Renmin University. All classes are given in English. Admission to the Beijing semester abroad is selective and students who wish to apply for the student exchange program will be assessed based on their GPA performance and engagement in their studies at BSL.

What’s in it for me?

The MISF program covers not only the cornerstones of international finance; it also prepares you to work in various areas of the corporate finance and investment disciplines such as: banking, insurance, wealth management, financial and tax consulting, private equity, entrepreneurial/venture capital, commodity trading, risk analysis, fiduciary services, as well as impact and social investing.

In addition, the program gives you the option to take a set of 5 preparatory courses for the CFA® Level I exam. The Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA®) certification is known as the top professional qualification for finance and investment professionals and is a great advantage for students who aim to work in the fields of investment banking and financial analysis.

Find out more about the CFA® Level I Preparation at BSL


Who is it for?

The MSc in International and  Sustainable Finance is well suited for recent graduates with or without professional work experience who wish to continue their studies before entering the work force. A master’s program helps to bridge the gap that exists between graduating with a bachelor’s degree with little or no work experience, and securing employment.

The program is for candidates who want to combine a mainstream education of finance with a better understanding of key sustainability challenges and solutions. Our students show interest in discovering the linkages between finance and sustainability and want to be part of the evolving transformation of the financial sector.

To learn more about the current master’s class, download the 2015 class profile.

How long does it take?

The program takes 18 months to complete. There are two intakes per year: September and February.


Last seats available for February 2017: download our brochure about our Master in Switzerland or request information.