Sustainability Consulting Project

Sustainability Consulting Project

An integral part of the Diploma of Sustainable Business program, is a 10-month consulting project assignment in which a small, international and multifunctional team of course participants (3-5 participants) is focused on your strategic issue to provide new insights and valuable recommendations to your business. Consulting topics cover a wide range of relevant sustainability issues in product development, purchasing, supply chain, market analysis, labelling, employer branding, and communications.

The consulting teams are guided by our experienced faculty who provides continuous support and feedback throughout the program. The project is to be completed between September and June of each year with two intermediate presentations in December and in March and the final presentation in June.

Why sponsor a consulting project?

  • Generate unbiased ideas from international and multifunctional teams of experienced professionals (13 years of work experience on average)
  • Receive practical recommendations from an inter-disciplinary advisory team of renowned  faculty
  • Obtain solutions and concrete implementation plans for key sustainability issues your organization is facing
  • Learn new ways of training your employees to implement sustainability thinking to solving business problems
  • Gain a holistic perspective on how your business can optimize business processes and performance through applying sustainable solutions

Consulting fee: Companies are charged a flat fee of CHF 24,000 for each sustainability project.

Project framework

We will consider a project assignment that fulfills the following requirements:

  • A clearly defined and comprehensive project on a relevant topic related to sustainability
  • A project should be of strategic importance to the sponsor
  • Involves approx. 750 hours of work for a team of 3 participants
  • The project’s timeline should be as per the program duration (September – June)
  • A company representative to participate in project review sessions (four sessions)

Projects are to be submitted for approval to the Program Director responsible for projects by August 15 of each year.

View a list of existing consulting projects below.

Partnership arrangements

We invite organizations or individual participants to suggest real-life projects to the program. We recognize the value of such projects to our program and strongly encourage companies to benefit from the teams’ solution proposal.

To encourage companies to register participants and sponsor a project, we offer the following partnership arrangements:

a) An organization providing a project plus 1 participant is rewarded with a discount of 14%.
For a total fee of CHF 36’000 the delivered value is CHF 42’000

b) An organization providing a project plus 2 participants is rewarded with a discount of 20%.
For a total fee of CHF 48’000 the delivered value is CHF 60’000

c ) An organization providing a project plus 3 participants is rewarded with a discount of 23%.
For a total fee of CHF 60’000 the delivered value is CHF 78’000

Below are examples of previous consulting projects.

Nolax AG sponsored a project to systematically integrate sustainability into the company’s business development processes. The multi-functional project team helped us come up with a new technical and commercial approach to develop sustainable solutions for our customers, while sensitizing our own people to the sustainability issues and challenges in our market. We consider this project to be of great value for nolax. Adrian Leumann, Head of Mobility and Operations, nolax AG