Program Overview

The Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) is a postgraduate academic qualification. CAS programs offer specialized knowledge, enabling students to acquire additional qualification in a certain subject area and enhance their professional development. CAS courses are completed through part-time study while working and are considered as higher continuing education programs.

Who is it for?

Our CAS programs are designed for young professionals with some work experience and a desire to acquire specialized knowledge and skills in a chosen subject area and enhance their career development.

What topics are covered?

Participants can choose any of the following CAS options:

  • CAS in Project Management -  equips you with specialized project management knowledge and the specialized courses to prepare you for successful completion of the IPMA® certification.
  • CAS in Strategic Consulting-  prepares participants to effectively participate in strategic decision making and apply systemic thinking to manage organizations.
  • CAS in Leadership for Systems Thinking -  helps participants enhance their leadership performance and prepares them to address some of the most immediate issues many organizations are facing.
  • CAS in Data Analysis - prepares and guides students to complete the Nanodegree in either Data Analysis or Tech Entrepreneurship.
  •  CAS in Sustainable Finance - introduces a holistic perspective on mainstream financial theory by integrating key principles of sustainability and shared value.

Program Format

Duration of Program
The BSL CAS programs include 3 courses that are taken within a 9-12 month period as part-time studies next to work.

 Courses & Workload
Class attendance requires 4-8 hours per week* depending on the term. Each course involves 40 hours of classroom time and 80 hours of personal study time (thus representing 5 ECTS credits for each course).

*The CAS in Sustainable Finance follows a different schedule where class attendance requires 8 hours (one full day) every week or every two weeks depending on the term, allowing participants to have less frequent yet full-day classes.

The CAS program is worth 15 ECTS.

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