Our Vision

As a leading innovator in business education, we are committed to:

  • Contributing to a sustainable world through responsible leadership
  • Embracing our responsibility as management and business educators
  • Educating and developing leaders able to deal with global challenges in the coming decades
  • Providing a think tank of applied and future-oriented research to resolve burning issues in society that can be resolved by business
  • Participating in the public debate to transform the economic system

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide a learning platform that enables individuals and organizations to thrive by co-creating viable business solutions for our planet and its people.

This mission has emerged as a result of many planted seeds at BSL over the past years and continues to develop and evolve in new commitments and projects that each and every stakeholder of BSL generates, contributes to and engages in. As the story of our vision continues to grow, so will additional elements contribute to reshaping BSL. The intention, behavior and actions of all of us represent the emerging story of who we are becoming as a BSL community.

It is our mission to provide a learning platform for individuals and organizations to thrive by co-creating viable business solutions for our planet and its people. Enabling business to become a powerful driving force to create a world where everybody “lives well and within the limits of the planet” (WBCSD ) is the single biggest educational challenge for business schools in the coming decades. To achieve this multi-dimensional transformation, we build our educational approach on the three cornerstones: responsibility, sustainability and entrepreneurship.


We reflect on and embrace our responsibility as individuals for both society and the business community we serve, which includes questioning the way business has been considered traditionally so that we may achieve our collective societal mission.  


We explore all reasonable means by which organizations not only profitably reverse their footprint, reduce societal distress and avoid the depletion of our planet’s resources, but indeed provide a positive contribution to the environment and society, now and in future.


We take courage in enterprising new & provocative ideas that, small or large, lead us closer to achieving our mission. As such, we engage in replacing the quest of maximizing monetary value with a balanced view of creating social, environmental & economic value that matters.

Our Values

Our six values support our three cornerstones and allow us to measure our intentions, behavior and actions. These commonly developed values have been guiding the collaboration among all our stakeholders – from students to professors and administrative staff, as well as our business partners, parents and friends of our students, our suppliers and partners in society.

Professional engagement

We are prepared and on time. We honor our agreements. We deliver high quality work. We pursue highest ethical standards in everything we do. We inspire others to do the same.

A force for good

We care for the world we live in. We are free-thinking and authentic. We recognize business as force for a sustainable and socially just world. We seek to balance economic, societal and environmental concerns.

Collaborative innovation

We collaborate to make new things happen. We build on diversity of thought, culture and approach. We shape the future by asking why, what for and why not. We overcome difficulties and challenges.

Solution-oriented partnership

We create an environment of trust and respect. We are flexible. We listen and respond with solution-oriented ideas and actions. No matter what happens, we ask: what is my role in this and what can I do now?

Lifelong learning

We welcome discovery and change. We help each other grow. We are willing to change our thinking and behavior. We transform differences of opinion into a source for growth.

Courageous leadership

We dare to do what we believe is right. Together, we work towards common goals. We highlight the contribution of others. We encourage each other to think differently and take the risk of making mistakes.