The Guanxi-Compassion model helps to enhance successful guanxi in China

Download the full article: The Guanxi-Compassion model helps to enhance successful guanxi in China (paper accepted at the ABSRC 2014 Venice conference, 26-28 March 2014).



Mr. Gelek Tashi
DBA Candidate at Business School Lausanne


The personal connections and relationships or guanxi in Chinese is important as widely acknowledged among Western academics and business practitioners. As is well known, managing guanxi successfully is crucial for the smooth implementation of the business strategies and activities in the Chinese market. This research paper proposes a new theory of optimizing compassionate virtues in Buddhism to develop long-term sustainable guanxi in B2B (business-to-business) business context in Chinese business environment. In this research, the compassionate virtues (generosity, discipline, patience, diligence, humility and wisdom) will be tested against the types of guanxi (family, sympathy and commercial), guanxi characteristics (reciprocity, face, trust and emotional bonding) and Chinese business culture (intermediary, socializing and business contracts) to find out the interdependence between guanxi and compassion. The qualitative research methods of interviews and case studies and quantitative research analysis of interviews, case studies and customer surveys are used for the research. The article will also make an attempt to provide some guidelines on how to build guanxi strategies, and how to implement them in guanxi-driven B2B Chinese business context.