The Collaboratory: A Co-creative Stakeholder Engagement Process for Solving Complex Problems

A new book co-written and edited by BSL’s Dean Dr. Katrin Muff empowers ordinary people to make a difference in the world. The book, entitled “The Collaboratory: A Co-creative Stakeholder Engagement Process for Solving Complex Problems” (Greenleaf Publishing, July 2014), explores the transformation that emerges when groups spread around the world working on similar issues discover synchronicities, often cross-pollenating, and collaborate rather than compete. A collaboratory is a facilitated space where stakeholders meet to discuss burning societal issues. Each collaboratory is different and needs to be carefully designed to fit the context, ambition, purpose, stakeholders, culture, and space.

Offering practical recommendations and benefits, and bringing together insights from a range of experienced academics, practitioners and facilitators, The Collaboratory is a handbook for experienced or aspiring practitioners in all fields of change: in society, in organizations of all kind and in the field of education.

BSL’s Dean introduced the new book in a short video:


The book is co-written by twenty-four contributing authors. Contributors include Thomas Dyllick, Mark Drewell, John North, Paul Shrivastava, Ronald Fry, Caroline Rennie, Claire Maxwell and Jonas Haertle.

The book was recommended by Peter Senge, MIT and the Society for Organizational Learning: “More and more people today recognize that the problems we face will require an order-of-magnitude increase in our capacity to collaborate across all manner of institutional, national, sectoral, and cultural borders. But I fear the gap between rhetoric and reality will sink this ship before if ever gets out of port – unless the emerging insights from master practitioners like those in The Collaboratory spread quickly.”

The authors of the book have created an online space for the global change community and invite everyone to contribute comments and ideas at 

Copies of the book can be purchased online on the publisher’s website: click here.