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The ideal place for your studies

Pursuing a degree at BSL gives you the chance to live and study in Switzerland, a multilingual country with a culturally diverse population and a growing expat community. You’ll have the opportunity to meet people from all over the world, enhance your cross-cultural skills, learn new languages and develop a global mindset.

BSL students benefit from the school’s close proximity to many international organizations and large corporations in the Geneva Lake region. Well known for its banking, commercial and tourism infrastructure, Switzerland ranks among the world’s 20 largest economies and hosts 15 Fortune 500 companies.

Beyond the classroom

BSL’s student council is responsible for organizing events and cultural activities on and off campus throughout the year with the aim of bringing students together to build relationships and network.

You can look forward to welcome parties for new students, our much-loved Culture days, BBQs and many other exciting social events. Our student council is also dedicated to giving back to the community, thus numerous humanitarian projects are created by it and we encourage our full student body to get involved.

Easy access to the heart of Europe

Lausanne is easily accessible by road, by rail (with links to major Swiss cities and the TGV from Paris and Milan), by air (situated 60 km from Geneva International Airport, just 45 minutes by car or by train) and even by boat on Lake Geneva. This opens up endless opportunities to explore Switzerland and the rest of Europe on weekend trips and during school breaks.

Culture and leisure

Switzerland is also a real paradise for contemporary art and culture aficionados. There are a vast range of attractions such as museums, galleries and world-renowned festivals of music, as well as its own little corner of theatre and literature spots.

Living in Lausanne

Located in the heart of Europe, Switzerland offers some of the world’s most beautiful landscapes with an eclectic cultural heritage. Switzerland constantly ranks as one of the top 10 safest countries in the world, and it has held the top spot in the WIPO Global Innovation Index since 2011.

What students say

Find out what it is like to be part of the BSL community

Isabel – Guatemala

Bachelor of Business Administration

Dmytro – Ukraine

Bachelor of Business Administration

Anna – Russia

Master of International & Sustainable Finance

Sofia – Costa Rica

Master of International Business

What do our Executive Education Students say about us?

<strong>Pablo Celi</strong> <strong><em>(Current Student)</em></strong><br><em>2020 Part-Time EMBA in Sustainable Business (<em>Fall Intake </em>)</em><br>
Pablo Celi (Current Student)
2020 Part-Time EMBA in Sustainable Business (Fall Intake )

“The small number of students per class and the positive environment is highly energizing. I can say that the colleagues I found here are already friends and we have already shared some awesome experiences.”

<strong>Yannick Bouyidou</strong> <strong><em>(Current Student)</em></strong><br><em>2020 Part-Time MBA in Business Transformation & Entrepreneurship (Fall Intake)</em><br>
Yannick Bouyidou (Current Student)
2020 Part-Time MBA in Business Transformation & Entrepreneurship (Fall Intake)

“The size of the school allows you to create strong and personal relationships with your professors and classmates which maximizes the learning experience exponentially.”

<strong>Sezen Abithodzheva <em>(Current Student)</em></strong><br><em>2020 Part-Time MBA in Sustainable Business (Fall Intake)</em><br>
Sezen Abithodzheva (Current Student)
2020 Part-Time MBA in Sustainable Business (Fall Intake)

“I chose BSL because I wanted to embark on a personal transformation journey, to explore my personal purpose and to nurture my capacity to lead myself and others towards a better world.”

<strong>Vanesa Rocha Lopes <em>(Current Student)</em></strong><br><em>2020 Part-Time EMBA in Sustainable Business (Fall Intake)</em>
Vanesa Rocha Lopes (Current Student)
2020 Part-Time EMBA in Sustainable Business (Fall Intake)

“I’m a fashion designer with several years of practice in product development and retailing. Due to the challenges faced in the industry, I decided to pursue an Executive Education to enhance my knowledge in areas such as leadership, digital transformation, entrepreneurship and sustainability. In that sense, my goal is to become a holistic professional with a solid understanding of the industry, from creative to managerial view.  As I am committed to achieving excellence as an entrepreneur and leader, I believe the E/MBA BSL is the next logical step to move forward with my career, in order to combine my professional expertise with a high qualified learning experience.  It’s a wonderful opportunity to build a strong foundation, networking and broader my perspectives. I have chosen Business School Lausanne for its recognition and the innovative bias in Sustainable Business, since I’m eager not only to improve business but also to cultivate and promote conscious decisions, making a small but meaningful impact.”

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