Professional Development Course Overview

Our professional development courses offer 2-day training that will enable you to connect to your inner drive and resilience, cultivate purpose-driven engagement at work, and make a lasting positive impact in your organization.

The courses take place over 2 days on campus and provide an opportunity to:

  • Take a step back from the daily work operations and reflect on the overarching strategy that steers your business in the long run
  • Develop a deeper and more holistic understanding of the challenges and opportunities for your business in the context of the world’s grand sustainability issues
  • Renew your understanding of the key global issues confronting business, the environment, and mankind
  • Strengthen your capability for innovation and collaboration
  • Hone your leadership capacity to drive change in the era of disruption, change and uncertainty
  • Make a difference in your organization and grow professionally and sustainably
  • Connect to your values and inner core and gain more clarity about your place in the world


BSL-SAI Platform Master Class 2018

Have you ever wondered about the business benefits for your company of building sustainable supply chains more strategically?

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