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What specializations are available?

The only specialization available at the MBA level is Sustainable Business.

What is the language of instruction at BSL?

All courses at BSL are given in English.

What TOEFL score do I need to apply at BSL?

As part of the selection process, successful applicants are interviewed to assess their level of English and their chances of success in the particular program. As a guide, you will need a level of English as follows:

MBA/ EMBA programs: IELTS: 6.5, TOEFL: 90, TOEIC: 800 (one test required only).

The BSL TOEFL code is 0018.

Does BSL offer scholarships?

BSL provides scholarships for selected programs on a case by case basis. For further information please refer to Tuition Fees & Scholarships.

Do I need to take the GMAT to enter the MBA or EMBA program?

GMAT score is not required for MBA and EMBA admission, as we prefer to assess your chances of success in the BSL environment through an interview. All MBA and EMBA candidates are interviewed by the Academic Director before joining our program.

Does BSL offer any online courses?

BSL does not have online courses for the simple reason that learning and practicing management must be learned with other people together in groups and in classes. It can best be learned with the guidance of teachers who themselves work in business. Such “live” practice is not possible online.

What is the meaning of ‘accreditation’?

Institutional and program accreditations ensure that a school and its programs offer a high quality level of education. Only 10% of business schools are accredited (have undergone the rigorous accreditation process). BSL was the first business school in Europe to achieve full ACBSP accreditation for all of its programs in 1996. Institutional accreditations such as AACSP and EQUIS validate the viability of a school, whereas, program accreditations, such as AMBA (only for MBA programs) and ACBSP (for all business programs including the doctorate level) validate the continuous high quality of the programs delivered. For more information on BSL’s accreditation, see Rankings and Accreditations.

Why is BSL not on the Swiss ENIC list?

The Swiss ENIC system currently lists only Swiss state‐owned universities and cannot list private institutions such as IMD or BSL.

Please note that both IMD and BSL are listed in the U.S. NARIC system. BSL is listed in the U.S. NARIC system through CHEA providing the recognition of its degrees to any admission officer of universities across Europe where our students may want to study. In the United States, three bodies are officially entitled to list accredited institutions of higher learning, among them CHEA (Council of Higher Education Accreditation).

The Bologna reform regulates university collaborations across Europe with a unified ECTS credit transfer system.  It has placed new demands on the ENIC‐NARIC system as university Admission Officers can face difficulty in correctly evaluating the pertinence of various degrees in student application files. An example: current limitations of the system include that private institutions in Switzerland are not considered by ENIC Switzerland (part of the Swiss Rectors’ Conference of Swiss Universities (CRUS), a state‐managed institution.

Top tier private institutions such as IMD and BSL are as a result not included in the European / Swiss ENIC table of recognized universities with the result that some Swiss state universities do not recognize BSL degrees.  However, BSL’s diplomas are included in the U.S. NARIC list, and this ensures recognition of BSL degrees within the larger ENIC-NARIC network by all universities and governments that also recognize degrees from American universities (all universities in English-speaking countries, all universities that recognize American degrees from international universities anywhere in the world).

What are the estimated living expenses in Lausanne?

BSL advises students to budget a minimum of CHF 2500 per month for expenses related to food, accommodation, local travel/commuting, school textbooks, social/entertainment, and medical insurance.

Estimated costs – please note these are estimations of monthly costs which vary depending on the student’s budget and lifestyle:

  • Monthly accommodation estimate: CHF 1000 – CHF 2,500
    Monthly food expenses estimate: CHF 600 – CHF 800
    Monthly travel expenses estimate: CHF 100 – CHF 250
    Monthly medical insurance estimate: CHF 300 – CHF 500

Please note that every student in Switzerland must be insured by a medical and accident insurance company in Switzerland, even if you already have an international travel insurance. (BSL can help you find an insurance company if you do not already have insurance in Switzerland).

Does BSL help me to obtain the Study B Permit to live and study in Switzerland?

BSL will help and advise you on all the legal procedures to obtain your ‘Study B Permit’ which allows you to live and study in Switzerland during your stay at BSL.

Can I work in Switzerland with a Study Permit?

After six months of studies, it is possible for non EU students to work a maximum of 15 hours per week during their studies PROVIDING both the school and the police give their prior permission (the employer must also obtain permission).

How do I reach BSL by public transportation?

You can reach the school by Metro (line M1) or Train.

  • Metro: take line M1 (starts in Lausanne-Flon) and get off at either “Unil-Mouline” stop (8 minutes walking) or “Cerisaie” stop (5 minutes walking)
  • Train: take the train to Renens train station and take bus No 31 to “Chavannes-Plaine” bus stop

See our address and detailed map with directions at our page here.

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