Program overview

The MBA in Sustainable Business is a unique program in Switzerland combining MBA education with a deep dive in business sustainability through the BSL – University of St. Gallen joint degree in Sustainable Business.

This program blends two programs into one, the E/MBA and the Diploma in Sustainable Business, resulting in a holistic learning experience that will transform how you define business and yourself in leading change and innovation for a better world. Practically, you will take all foundation courses from the E/MBA program, and continue with a one-year specialization in sustainability. The result is a program that shapes you into a self-aware, knowledgeable, and sustainability-conscious business practitioner.

Program Objectives

  • You will undertake a personal transformation journey that will enable you to know yourself better, to explore your personal purpose, and to nurture your capacity to lead yourself and others towards a better world. You will be immersed in a multi-faceted learning space that fosters your personal growth through soft skills courses, mentoring, and reflective practices.
  • You will get exposed to unconventional thinking beyond business-as-usual and will explore an outside-in perspective which redefines business strategies as being driven by sustainability challenges. You will discover innovative concepts and tools for tackling global issues related to the economic, environmental, and social impact of business.
  • You will bring together insights from business and sustainability and will apply them in a 10-month company consulting project with fellow course participants. You will accelerate your professional growth and will have the chance to make a positive contribution to a real organization within the program.

Consulting Project

The Consulting Project is an integral part of the program experience and a stepping stone in your preparation as a business sustainability professional. Consulting projects are given by organizations based in Switzerland and include a wide range of strategically relevant challenges in product development, purchasing, supply chain, market analysis, labelling, employer branding, and communications. Projects are assigned to small, multi-faceted teams of 3-5 course participants. Teams are mentored by experienced faculty, providing continuous support and feedback throughout the program.

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BSL Signature Features

  • Small classes of up to 20 candidates with personalized attention and support from professors
  • Professors who are seasoned and currently active business practitioners and experts in their field
  • International and diverse environment with students from 60 nationalities

Program Options

Option 1: MBA in Sustainable Business – Full-Time Program (1.5 Years)

  • We recommend this option to professionals who seek a career transition or want to take a break from work and fully focus on a year and a half of dynamic learning immersion
  • The program consists of all foundational MBA courses (6 months) and a specialization in sustainability through the complete Diploma in Sustainable Business program (1 year)
  • The Consulting Project is completed during the specialization part

Option 2: MBA in Sustainable Business – Part-Time Program (2 Years)

  • We recommend this option to working professionals in or outside of Switzerland who desire to keep their employment and study part time, which means attending classes every few weeks
  • The program consists of all foundational MBA courses (1 year) and a specialization in sustainability through the complete Diploma in Sustainable Business program (1 year)
  • The Consulting Project is completed during the specialization part

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  • 1.5 years for full time option
  • 2 years for part time option  

Course work: 

  • 10 MBA modules & 13 Sustainability Specialization module
  • Each module takes approximately 2 weeks to complete
  • Classes are scheduled in two, three or four day modules (Thursday to Sunday) depending on course. 

Consulting Project
The program includes a 10-month real-life project of approximately 250 hours, replacing the traditional thesis.

Each course includes 3 days 18-25 hours of class time (depending on module) and 35-50 hrs of independent study

Program Credits: 60 ECTS

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