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Consulting Project

The Consulting Project is an integral part of your learning journey and a stepping stone to your career progression. It is intentionally designed as a challenging, yet enriching experience. You will integrate and apply knowledge and skills acquired across various business courses, a process that requires your in-depth reflection, thoughtfulness, innovative thinking, and, above all, eagerness to stretch yourself.

Business Plan Project: You will develop a comprehensive business plan or a consulting report for a start-up, family business, or a company of your choice. The report will cover all areas of business, including industry analysis, market research, business strategy, marketing, human resources, operations, finance, and risk management. You will be mentored by an advisor, one of the professors whose expertise best matches your topic.


Recent Consulting Project Topics

  • Larce Solar - Bridging Solar PV and Material Handling Operations
  • Inityum - Growth Strategy for an experience based swiss watchmaking start-up
  • Internet of things One-Stop-Shop Ecosystem Platform
  • Healthcare is not a luxury - Access to Pharmaceuticals in lower income markets
  • Your Future: The Total Rewards Card that will help individuals achieve their dreams
  • Incubator of Innovative Cross-Disciplinary Concepts
  • Private Entrepreneurship in the Health Care Sector in South-East Serbia
  • Carpost: Self-Service Garages
  • World is One News: Asia-Focused Digital News Network
  • Launch of the Revolutionary Sportwear Product Line in Russia
  • Launch of a Lightweight Electric Vehicle
  • New Device for Radiofrequency Ablation of Tumors
  • Greenette - Local food products sold & promoted in train stations

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