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Experiential Learning

Entrepreneurship Coaching Program

The optional, free-of-charge Entrepreneurship Coaching Program is available to all students who want to explore the possibility of starting their own business or taking a family business to the next level. In this extracurricular course, you will work on an entrepreneurial project of your choice. Your growth and development will be supported through a series of lectures, hands-on classroom advice and one-on-one coaching from our experienced faculty. You will be encouraged to forge your own path while learning from peers and mentors in a thriving community of young entrepreneurs.

Gap Frame Week 

The Gap Frame Week is an innovative, issue-centered learning lab and an integral part of your BSL experience. It is a space where you bring your experience and insights and work together with students from different programs, faculty, social entrepreneurs, companies and NGOs on generating creative business solutions to major problems that affect our world.

The Gap Frame Week is run every term. It’s a week when we get all together and use our collective intelligence towards unpacking and tackling issues around four major areas: Environment, Society, Economics and Governance. It’s a learning lab – it’s exciting, it’s challenging, and it’s messy.

We don’t always know the right answers, but we dare to imagine a better world. We believe that together, we can become catalysts for change, innovation, and social impact. 


The “collaboratory” is an open-space, creative method for hosting meaningful conversations where various stakeholders tap into the collective intelligence to generate solutions to complex problems. The idea originates from the visioning work of a large group of people – including scholars, artists, consultants, students, activists, and other professionals – who worked together on the 50+20 initiative aiming at radically transforming management education.

As a student, you will have the opportunity to engage in collaboratories on various relevant topics. In a collaboratory, you will discuss and exchange ideas with students, practitioners in business and civil society, researchers, and stakeholders – because interdependence is key to tackling issues for the common good. You will not only learn through direct exposure to cross-functional thinking and multi-stakeholder approaches, but you will also have the chance to develop new skills through supplementary training on organizing, hosting, and facilitating collaboratories. 

Examples of collaboratory events that we have hosted in Switzerland and abroad include The Fashion Revolution (Switzerland), The Business School of the Future (New York), Sustainable Water Management (Switzerland), Why School (Sweden), Green Living (Hong Kong), Consumer Food Waste (Switzerland), Corruption & Business (Switzerland) and Economy of the Common Good (Switzerland).

How does the Gap Frame Week work?

The Gap Frame Week is inspired by our aim to educate globally responsible leaders through exposure to critical issues facing our planet and people. It uses the Gap Frame methodology to provide participants with relevant data on progress towards 24 issues, derived from the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

During each Gap Frame Week, participants dive in an innovative process involving 5 main steps:

  1. Knowledge building and research around the issues
  2. Stakeholder mapping
  3. Innovative solutions exploration
  4. Innovative solutions shortlisting
  5. Harvesting, integration and reflections

The process integrates a variety of reflective and collaborative experiences in smaller and bigger groups.

Highlights and major findings of the week are gathered in the form of an annual BSL publication, “Closing the Sustainability Gap.” This publication is co-created by all participants and invites students to become co-authors and share their insights with our global community.

Collaboratory in action

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