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Experiential learning 

Entrepreneurship Coaching Program

The optional, free-of-charge Entrepreneurship Coaching Program is available to all students who want to explore the possibility of starting their own business or taking a family business to the next level. In this extracurricular course, you will work on an entrepreneurial project of your choice. Your growth and development will be supported through a series of lectures, hands-on classroom advice and one-on-one coaching from our experienced faculty. You will be encouraged to forge your own path while learning from peers and mentors in a thriving community of young entrepreneurs.

Business Innovation Weeks

Inspired by Global Mega Trends and aimed at educating differently through innovative and impactful practices, we run an exciting, week-long innovation and issue-centered learning event every term. We invite all our students, faculty, NGOs, companies, entrepreneurs and institutions to join in and actively participate during the week with the focus on advancing business-driven solutions and innovations to create opportunities for further development.

During each Business Innovation Week participants will advance their thinking by working in groups focusing on specific issues and following particular innovation processes. Through idea generation, business design, communications design and digital positioning, groups will be exposed to forward-thinking business ideas and practices.

Business Innovation Weeks involve experiential learning activities and projects that are focused on knowledge acquisition and application through active engagement in solving business challenges and creating innovative opportunities. This is achieved through teamwork, seminars, workshops, idea generation sessions, business tools application and testing, business research, lectures, debates, presentations, business games and simulations.


The “collaboratory” is an open-space, creative method for hosting meaningful conversations where various stakeholders tap into the collective intelligence to generate solutions to complex problems.

As a student, you will have the opportunity to engage in collaboratories on various relevant topics. In a collaboratory, you will discuss and exchange ideas with students, practitioners in business and civil society, researchers, and stakeholders – because interdependence is key to tackling issues for the common good. You will not only learn through direct exposure to cross-functional thinking and multi-stakeholder approaches, but you will also have the chance to develop new skills through supplementary training on organizing, hosting, and facilitating collaboratories.

Examples of collaboratory events that we have hosted in Switzerland and abroad include The Fashion Revolution (Switzerland), The Business School of the Future (New York), Sustainable Water Management (Switzerland), Why School (Sweden), Green Living (Hong Kong), Consumer Food Waste (Switzerland), Corruption & Business (Switzerland) and Economy of the Common Good (Switzerland).

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