The Capstone Project

The Capstone Project is a substantial part of your learning experience – it serves as the culmination of your work in the program and allows you to integrate your best insights and ideas in a project significant to you. The Capstone Project is designed to enhance your employability by giving you the opportunity to practice specific skills in line with your strengths and interests.

Option 1: Applied Business Project

If you are drawn to the idea of developing your own start-up project and want to shape an entrepreneurial profile, you can opt to develop a comprehensive business plan for your idea. You will receive coaching support and guidance from our experienced Faculty and will be encouraged to make this project as relevant to your professional aspirations as possible.

Option 2: Classic Master Thesis

If you are eager to explore a specific topic in depth and dive into rigorous academic discovery, you can choose to do a classic Master Thesis. The thesis gives you the opportunity to focus on a subject matter that is most appealing and meaningful to you, from marketing and human resources to project management, strategy, and leadership. You will conduct this work with your advisor’s ongoing guidance and will be encouraged to align the topic of your thesis with your future professional goals.

Option 3: Data Analyst Nanodegree

If you want to build a career in data science and are fascinated by opportunities at the intersection of technology and business, you can choose to do the Data Analyst nanodegree as your capstone project. This option combines e-learning through the Udacity platform with on-campus training and support, and trains you in cutting-edge, specific, and valuable skills in data analysis. You will learn to analyse data, uncover patterns and insights, apply machine learning for better forecasting, and communicate critical findings in visually-appealing and effective business language. Graduating with this degree, you will have access to exciting opportunities in many industries including finance, banking, insurance, health care, tourism, industrial production, consumer products, energy, e-commerce, and others. You will also connect directly to exclusive hiring partners of the Udacity network.

Option 4: CFA® Level I Preparation

The Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA®) certification is known globally as the top professional qualification for finance and investment professionals and is a great advantage for students who aim to work in the fields of investment banking and financial analysis.