Executive Certificate of Advanced Studies & Diploma of Advanced Studies

Calendar & Courses

Academic Calendar

The Academic year runs on two semesters per year:

  • The Fall-Winter semester begins early September and ends in mid-February the following year.
  • The Spring-Summer semester begins early March and ends at the end of July the same year.

Study Plans

Each module runs in three-day sessions, totaling 24 hours of class time. The Seminar modules run Thursdays to Saturdays and end at lunchtime on Saturday. Meals are provided over the three days.

Each E-CAS and DAS will have an individual schedule – please contact the admissions team using the below form for specific dates of upcoming courses.

Seminar Calendar (Fall 2023 / Winter 2024)

Course list per Program

E-CAS in Management

100% personalized track

Choose 5 executive seminars that matter most to your professional development to create a personalized executive certificate of advanced studies.

E-CAS in Data Science for Executives
  • Strategy for Business Transformation
  • Data Analytics, Visualization and Management
  • Data Science, Machine Learning and AI in Business
  • Trends Analysis and Scenario Planning
  • Change Management
E-CAS in Transformative Leadership
  • Advanced Communication & Team Dynamics
  • Leading Through Crisis
  • Managing and Developing People in the 4th Industrial Revolution
  • Leadership Through Listening
  • Strategic Negotiations
E-CAS in Strategic Finance
  • Strategic Corporate Finance
  • Financial Investments: Optimizing Returns through Data Analytics
  • Finance for Entrepreneurs
  • Business Ethics and Compliance Management
  • Sustainable Finance

The pre-requisite course “Managerial Accounting / Basic Finance” must be completed prior to starting this E-CAS.

E-CAS in Business Administration (Mini-MBA)
  • Advanced Communication & Team Dynamics
  • Marketing Management
  • Strategic Corporate Finance
  • Strategy for Business Transformation
  • Empower your Future
E-CAS in Business Transformation & Entrepreneurship
  • Strategy for Business Transformation
  • Data Science, Machine Learning and AI in Business
  • Innovation and Organizational Design
  • Business Transformation Towards Sustainability
  • From Social to Regenerative Entrepreneurship
E-CAS in Sustainable Business
  • Building Sustainability Strategies
  • Implementing Sustainability Strategies
  • Sustainable Finance
  • Creating Sustainable Value / Supply Chain Focus
  • Sustainability Leadership
Diploma of Advanced Studies

Any E-CAS program can be upgraded to a DAS by adding the Kick-off Module and the completion of the Business Project in the related field.