Executive Certificate of Advanced Studies & Diploma of Advanced Studies

Calendar & Courses

Academic Calendar

The Academic year runs on two semesters per year, Fall/Winter & Spring/Summer. It is possible to begin each E-CAS & DAS program in either the Fall or Spring Terms.

2019-2020 Academic Year

Academic Calendar

The Academic Year runs on four terms per year:

2020-2021 Academic Year:
  • Fall term 2020: September 7 – November 13
    (1-week vacation: Nov 14 – Nov 22)
  • Winter term 2020-2021: November 23 – February 12
    (1-week vacation: Feb 13 – Feb 21)
  • Spring term 2021: February 22 – May 7
    (1-week vacation: May 8 – May 16)
  • Summer term 2021: May 17 – July 23

Up to 5 courses are scheduled each term, depending on the program option and term.

For more details regarding the start of the academic year and holidays, please click here.

Study Plans

Each module runs in three-day sessions, totaling 24 hours of class time. The Seminar modules run Thursdays to Saturdays and end at lunchtime on Saturday. Meals are provided over the three days.

Each E-CAS and DAS will have an individual schedule – please contact the admissions team using the below form for specific dates of upcoming courses.

Fall/Winter 2019-2020 Seminar Timetable