Program Overview

The world has become VUCA – volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. New mega trends, such as demographic shifts, digital transformation, broken systems or climate change are creating a new landscape with new opportunities and risks. Social media redefines corporate reputation and stakeholders use their voice to actively question the purpose of the organization in relation to societal, environmental and economic problems.

Social entrepreneurs link business with solving these problems, thus shifting organizational boundaries. The challenge of the next decades is to develop future-capable solutions with the potential to propel an organization in new fields of activity, exploring markets that don’t yet exist. Such innovation requires companies to develop a strategic resilience, and build leadership competencies for the future.

Personal development takes time, so does a strategic innovation. Yet, time is running out: there is an increasingly large gap between organizational efforts and the state of the world. This gap can be seen in many ways: the technology gap, the generation gap, speed-of-transformation gap, the workplace gap, etc. The time is ripe to dedicate a full year part-time to quantum leap forward in both domains.

A top-level business advisory board co-created the Impact Leadership Program which is launching in 2017.

Impact Leadership Program – Value Proposition

  • A 1-year part-time professionalizing development program
  • operated by an internationally renowned, high-quality faculty of facilitators, experts and coaches
  • designed around future-relevant leadership competencies
  • connecting high-potential leaders from different business sectors
  • bringing in the start-up and social entrepreneur space, government, academia & NGOs
  • offering a safe space of experiential learning in an intergenerational context
  • using selective strategic in-house business projects from member companies
  • framed in the context of the Sustainable Development Goals
  • to develop white-spot* strategic innovation strategies
  • in co-creative stakeholder engagement processes
  • adding concrete value for specific societal issues
  • providing the concrete playground to build & develop the desired new leadership competencies

Program Benefits

Benefits for individual participants:

Developing future-relevant leadership competencies

  • Expanding the perspective: the ability to think and act beyond the boundaries of an organization, an understanding of the global and local context and megatrends at stake, working with peers active in different sectors (government, NGOs, civil society, social entrepreneurs, other business industries)
  • Applying new skills directly to real-life projects: developing precious hands-on experience, supported by consultants & coaches and working with peers
  • Reconsidering the role of business in society: new ways of resolving complex societal, economic and environmental problems, innovating scenarios for new business cases, the workplace and organizational structures
  • Deepening self-awareness: exploring and strengthen their reflective capability, personal motivation, values and “moral compass”, and how to contribute this to their work
  • Developing courageous and responsible thought leaders: building the capability to lead change and to influence beyond traditional organizational boundaries, co-creating and coaching peers in self-organized settings.

Benefits for member companies:

Developing a strategic resilience

  • A concrete proposal with ideas on how to pro-actively embrace the “VUCA” world and creating long-term sustainable value
  • Initial strategic top-level consulting on the most beneficial innovation project opportunities at this point
  • Continued with expert advice during 1-year and 3 half-day tailor-made strategy sessions
  • Developing long-term white-spot innovation options and future scenarios in a co-creative process with chosen stakeholders
  • Providing the context for developing internal high-potentials for upcoming leadership positions
  • Enabling company HR to quantum leap talent and scout for external top potential innovation talent.

Program Details, Structure and Delivery

  • 4 sessions of 4 days (= 16 training days) at breathtaking Swiss locations
  • 3 half-day workshops at participating companies or relevant external stakeholders
  • Plus 16 hours of individual coaching on leadership competencies in between sessions

Program Cost & Engagement

Each participant engages for approx. 250 hours or 30 days*

Proposal for participating companies:

  •  1 strategic project (CHF 17’000) and 2 participants (CHF 20’900 each) = CHF 58’800
  • Top Executive Leader: pro-actively shape the future as “sponsor” and participate in project selection, the kick-off and closing session (required & free)

Individual Participants

  • Cost for individual participants: CHF 20’800
  • Excluded: cost of transportation and overnight stay for participants
  • Selected scholarship available upon request for a limited number of applications in non-business sectors

* the successful completion of the program qualifies for a Certificate in Advanced Studies in Responsible Leadership from Business School Lausanne