Consulting Project: BSH Hausgeräte

Project Title: A Logistics Social HUB for Unilever in Latin America

This project is assigned by Unilever  to a consulting team of 4 participants within the Diploma in Sustainable Business program. The project timeline includes the period of October 2014-June 2015.

Overall goal

The main objective of this project is to develop a platform of Social Impact Programs for Unilever Logistics Latin America (LA) in Brazil and Mexico with the goal to improve truck drivers’ and their families’ quality of life in a way that fits with the purpose of logistics and the nature of its activity. The inspiration for this idea comes from the Unilever Social Impact Hub. 

In addition to the main objective of creating social impact, the Logistics Social Impact Hub should also create value for Unilever’s supply chain and brands. As a starting point the project should focus on creating social impact for truck drivers, by focusing for example on: long hours, drug dealing, alcohol issues, safety on the road, family support and other issues such as child prostitution. Another focus should be the reduction of waste in logistics.

Project activities

  • Start of the project with a briefing presentation to the students
  • Initial research and kick off meeting with Unilever team, including initial timeline
  • Concept approval and initial list of partnerships identified
  • Feasibility test for 3 ideas within a draft road map
  • Presentation of road map, framework, tools and pilot plan for validation
  • Fine tuning of the platform and initial pilot organization
  • Approval of the full platform
  • Organization is in place and start-up of the pilot project
  • Hand over of project with next steps including the full road map proposition for the county of choice.

Project outcomes

A design and piloted Social Platform to be used by Unilever Logistics Latin America for social projects to be developed and implemented that generate value for all participants and represent a sustainable business case for Unilever.

Karime Abib, Unilever Project Owner is reporting on the final project review: 

Unilever Project Leader Pedro Pereira about the Consulting Project:

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