Consulting Project: nolax AG

Project Title: Sustainable business development: Evaluation and integration of sustainability into nolax’ start‐up process

This project is assigned by nolax AG to a consulting team of 4 participants within the Diploma in Sustainable Business program. The project timeline includes the period of September 2013-June 2014.

Project goals

  • A systematic implementation of sustainability into the company’s start-up process
  • Increased awareness inside the company of the role and impact of sustainability for its start-ups
  • Document a sustainability assessment of one start-up of company and define market opportunities

Project objectives

Development of a concept to take economic, social and environmental aspects systematically into consideration within the nolax start‐up process

  • that represents state‐of‐the‐art knowledge and best practice
  • that builds on the company’s vision, mission and culture
  • that takes into consideration the company’s policies, structures and competences
  • that secures acceptance from nolax employees
  • that supports nolax and its employees in establishing and living a sustainability culture (awareness and behavior)

Project contributions

  • Market study for sustainability in the automotive industry to show opportunities for the company in their most important target market
  • In-depth research of best practices and approaches of integrating the sustainability in innovation processes from leading companies in this field
  • Exemplary analysis of the sustainability advantages for the start-up chosen and creation of a fact sheet to be used for the management
  • Customized, general introduction to sustainability for company’s staff
  • SWOT analysis of the current sustainability situation of company
  • Interviews with employees of the mobility team on the current start-up process, their understanding of sustainability, and their opinion on and ideas for integrating sustainability in the start-up process
  • Documentation of the start-up process, and recommendation for integrating sustainability checks into the existing start-up process of the company
  • Sustainability workshop with the mobility team to create sustainability awareness and a common understanding
  • Development of a customized “sustainability tool”, which defines sustainability in the context of the company’s business and allows to integrate sustainability in its start-up processes