Consulting Project: Ernst Schweizer AG, Metallbau

Project Title: Defining and operationalizing the future company goals based on the new concept of Sustainability 3.0 by Dyllick/Muff

This project is assigned by Ernst Schweizer AG, Metallbau to a consulting team of 5 participants within the Diploma in Sustainable Business program. The project timeline includes the period of October 2014-June 2015.

Project background

Schweizer is a leading Swiss, family owned company with about 600 employees in the metal construction and solar business. Schweizer offers products ranging from mail boxes, windows, solar energy systems to metal/glass facades. Environmental and social goals have always been an integrated and normal part of the corporate mission, strategies and actions, championed personally by its CEO and owner Hans Ruedi Schweizer. In particular Schweizer has been integrating economic, environmental and social aspects into its annual goals on a company and divisional level, with a Sustainability Balanced Scorecard serving as the core management tool.

The new concept of Business Sustainability 3.0 offers a new perspective on thinking about and managing business sustainability that makes a lot of sense to Schweizer. In particular “thinking outside-in”, starting out from the sustainability issues and then developing business solutions, but also creating a positive impact on society instead of only reducing the corporate footprint resonates well with the progressive company philosophy. Therefore, Schweizer wants to review its existing approach to sustainability management and develop a new management approach based on Business Sustainability 3.0 thinking.

Project objectives

  • Apply the concept of Business Sustainability 3.0 to Schweizer
  • Identify the areas where Schweizer could create a positive impact regarding environmental, social and economic aspects
  • Define the objectives for these areas, in alignment with the general principles of Schweizer
  • Develop measurable goals for the defined objectives

Project activities

  • Develop a project plan
  • Build deep understanding of the company’s general principles, policies and culture
  • Research, identify and evaluate the relevant environmental, social and economic areas where Schweizer could create a positive impact on society
  • Develop and document (if possible in German) feasible goals based on these defined areas and a system of indicators to measure the impact
  • Develop appropriate project documentation to the company

Martina Marchesi, the Schweizer Project Owner is reporting on the final project review:

Schweizer Project Leader Martina Marchesi about the Consulting Project:

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