Consulting Project: Business School Lausanne Project

Project Title: Strengthening BSL’s public profile in sustainability through the implementation of 2 highly visible innovation projects

This project is assigned by Business School Lausanne (BSL) to a consulting team of 4 participants within the Diploma in Sustainable Business program. The project timeline includes the period of September 2013-June 2014.

Overall goal  

Last year’s consulting team within the Diploma in Sustainable Business program has identified blind spots in BSL’s vision to serve society and the planet and has realized a series of internal implementation projects to gain internal acceptance and alignment. Building on the momentum created, this year’s consulting challenge is to strengthen BSL’s external visibility through outreach to society while measuring and communicating on the progress made.

This consulting project is designed to equip program participants with skills and competences in four critical dimensions of sustainability consulting: a) implementation capability, b) measuring progress, c) effective communication, and d) achieving high-level impact.

Project objectives

Building on the momentum created through the green team activities involving all stakeholders (students, companies, faculty, alumni, parents, administration, board), the 2012-13 consulting team has prepared a hand-over to a new team to continue the transformation process at BSL. There are four domains of activities to be realized:

  1. Communication: Effective communication of the new mission and progress made to relevant stakeholders
  2. Impact Index: Developing and implementing a consumer-based Annual Business Sustainability Index measuring consumer perception of corporate or brand reputation
  3. Collaboratory: Creating a stakeholder dialogue (“collaboratory”) series on burning societal issues by organizing a first such event on a freely selected topic inviting all relevant business and societal stakeholders (NGOs, etc.)
  4. Measuring: Measuring and reporting progress in the identified 4 “blindspots” of the ECG matrix*

*The ECG Matrix is the balance sheet developed by the Economy for the Common Good (Christian Felber)

Project activities

The consulting team co-creates with the project owner a 10-month plan for the 4 projects, identifying required resources and competencies, thus developing critical timelines:


  • Identification of activities that the consulting team can implement themselves (a select few high impact stories told through select media)
  • Understanding the current situation of implementing the new mission at BSL
  • Brainstorming various options of how to best communicate past, current, future progress
  • Developing an actionable recommendation of activities
  • Executing the communication activities throughout the year


  • Developing and implementing a consumer-based Business Sustainability Index
  • Evaluating what exists and developing a framework for an annual bus. sust. Index (see input)
  • Defining success factors, processes, enablers, key cooperation partners (data input*, diffusion, media), etc. for development and implementation
  • Creating a user-friendly no-brainer input and reporting tool for the index (suggestion: an APP)
  • Deploying the tool and providing the first index in form of a report for practitioners


  • Creating a stakeholder dialogue on a burning issue
  • Selecting a relevant societal issue
  • Identifying relevant players across various disciplines and industries (from all sectors)
  • Designing, inviting and holding of a stakeholder dialogue (a 1 day event)
  • Reporting on the event with actionable recommendations to various players, involving media


  • Measuring and reporting progress in the identified 4 “blindspots” of the ECG matrix
  • Familiarization with the ECG Matrix to understand ongoing green team activities at BSL
  • Accompanying current implementation teams (green teams) through the application of acquired coaching skills
  • Evaluating and reporting on the progress made in 4 distinct “blind spot” areas of the ECG (C1, C3, C5, E3) to the ECG Audit team (in March-May 2014)
  • Contribution to the BSL stakeholder feedback on the progress made (collaboration with the BSL communication department)

Project outcomes

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