Doctorate of Business Administration

Doctoral Faculty

The BSL Faculty: A compelling team

BSL offers a dynamic and enthusiastic team of professors. In line with the school’s pragmatic approach, they have been carefully selected based on their abilities to combine real-life experience with classroom learning. All are current and accomplished business professionals, incorporating today’s issues and challenges into their lectures.

Point of view

As seasoned business professionals, BSL professors live in a world of bottom-line responsibility and effective management. They originate from many cultural backgrounds, and most have practiced business in two or more countries. This level of diversity and multicultural experience provides BSL students with unique perspectives to problem solving.

Notable characteristics

BSL professors are excellent communicators and mentors, often working one-on-one with students. Their goal is to see students succeed and they provide continuous assessment on students’ development. Students are trained and assessed based on their ability to be successful in today’s business environment.

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Dr. Erdal Atukeren

Dr. Hazbi Avdiji

Dr. Dominique Bourqui

Dr. Alexandra Broillet

Dr. Mouna Chaari

Dr. Murray Clark

Dr. Timothy Connerton

Dr. Carlos Marques DaSilva

Dr. Vincent Giolito

Dr. Michael Hathorn

Dr. Madina Kukenova

Dr. Marko Majer

Dr. Jan Erik Meidell

Dr. Ganesh Nathan

Dr. Guy Ngayo

Dr. Elena Sernova