Diploma in Sustainable Business

2012-13 | University of St. Gallen Project

Consulting Project: Coca Cola| 2015-16

Project Title: Inclusive Recycling Initiative

This project is assigned by The Coca Cola Company to a consulting team of 4 participants within the Diploma in Sustainable Business program. The project timeline includes the period of October 2015-June 2016.


Coca-Cola de Argentina (CCDA) has recently redefined its commitment priorities to gain focus on specific core business, social & environmental programs:

  • WELLBEING: active & healthy lifestyle promotion, portfolio choice & responsible marketing.
  • COMMUNITY: women empowerment & water access.
  • ENVIRONMENT: water neutrality & packaging sustainable development.

Overall, the Company has had a long history of global environmental commitment, which has been reinforced in 1960’s when Paul Austin was elected president. He was a champion of the environment and was specifically interested in bottle recycling. In 2010, Coca-Cola de Argentina consolidated its packaging sustainability commitment by launching the “Sustainable Packaging Chassis”, with 4 main initiatives: reduce, reuse, recycle & renew.

  • REDUCE: CCDA have been reducing its bottles’ weight to minimize PET dependency.
  • REUSE: CCDA have consistently increased its investment in refillable bottles.
  • RENEW: CCDA launched “Plant Bottle”, the first plant based PET bottle with up to 30% plant material, driving a reduction in non-renewable resources.
  • RECYCLE: CCDA launched the first recycled PET bottle made up to 20% recycled material.

Overall goal

In 2016, Coca-Cola de Argentina is looking to leverage on IRR to ensure the promotion of inclusive recycling as part of the value chain in Argentina. The overall goal is to empower urban recyclers, to increase their access to recyclable material markets and, therefore, to increase the Company´s long-term recovery capability.

Project outputs

  • Develop a full context mapping & value chain framework to illustrate the local recycling dynamic in terms of
  • Define the Company´s actionable boundaries & action plan.
  • Define the most suitable partnerships (Golden Triangle).
  • Define the business model: guidelines & metrics.

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