Diploma in Sustainable Business

2015-16 | Swiss Post Consulting Project

Consulting Project: Swiss Post Consulting Project | 2015-16

Project Title: Roadmap for Sustainable Procurement at Swiss Post

This project is assigned by Swiss Post to a consulting team of 4 participants within the Diploma in Sustainable Business program. The project timeline includes the period of October 2015-June 2016.


By drawing a roadmap for sustainable procurement, Swiss Post wants to define options for a systematic integration of sustainability into its procurement organization. Based on a thorough analysis, existing gaps and future potentials should be laid open with the goal to continuously develop and improve the sustainability performance of Swiss Post’s purchasing organization (POP).


To develop a roadmap for sustainable procurement by defining areas of activity and specific actions which help POP to systematically integrate sustainability aspects into its organization. The roadmap should contain:

  1. Analysis of current situation: existing sustainability efforts within POP
  2. Target state analysis: What does/should POP look like with sustainability systematically integrated?
  3. Benchmarking analysis: What do comparable companies do concerning sustainable procurement?
  4. Recommendations: What actions should POP take in order to integrate sus-tainability systematically into its activities?
  5. Prioritization: What recommended actions should POP approach primarily?

Project activities

  • Develop a project plan
  • Present project plan to sponsor
  • Gain profound knowledge about (public and sustainable) purchasing
  • Gain profound knowledge about Swiss Post’s Procurement organization and its sustainability activities (analysis of current situation)
  • Hold an intermediate presentation at sponsor
  • Benchmark with other companies’ sustainability activities in purchasing
  • Literature analysis: systematic integration of sustainability into purchasing (target state analysis)
  • Consolidation: Comparison between current and target state, including identification of gaps / recommended action
  • Development of prioritized recommendations for POP

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