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2015-16 | Nestlé Consulting Project

Consulting Project: Nestlé Consulting Project | 2015-16

Project Title: Roadmap for using Impact Valuation

This project is assigned by Nestlé to a consulting team of 5 participants within the Diploma in Sustainable Business program. The project timeline includes the period of October 2015-June 2016.

Overall goal

Nestlé is exploring the use of Impact Valuation – the measurement and valuation of the impacts that the company has on natural and social capital. During 2016, a Natural Capital Protocol and an initial Social Capital Protocol will be developed by international consortia (including accountancy firms, companies & NGOs), and it is anticipated that companies will increasingly use these protocols to drive company performance. Nestlé already has some initial experiences and insights with 3 existing reports and a further one underway. In addition business cases already exist that have informed Nestlé’s thinking. This project will take these as a starting point. The goal of the project is to develop a roadmap for Nestlé to guide the company in the operationalizing of the concept within the company.


Develop a roadmap to guide Nestlé on how to operationalize Impact Valuation as part of its business strategy development, sustainability strategy and CSV reporting. The scope includes corporate, business and value chain uses.

Project activities

  • Review existing external literature on natural & social capital valuation and reports detailing the business case
  • Review internal Nestlé work
  • Identify value added for Nestlé at different levels, and potential blockages/constraints

Project outputs

Report detailing a roadmap for the use of and operationalizing of the tools of Impact Valuation, to cover:

  • operationalization steps: scope to cover tools & processes
  • three different levels: corporate, business and value chain
  • detailing how this could change/inform our way of working,
  • specifically strategy development, capex allocation,
  • sustainability strategy and CSV reporting
  • mechanisms to drive consistent measurement &
  • replicability
  • potential external blockages (governments, investors,
  • consumers) and mechanisms to overcome them
  • potential internal blockages and narratives for different
  • internal audiences to overcome them

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