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Consulting Projects 2016-17: Laubscher Präzision AGC

Consulting Project: Laubscher Präzision AG| 2016-17

Project Title:

This project is assigned by Laubscher Präzision  to a consulting team within the Diploma in Sustainable Business program. The project timeline includes the period of October 2016 – June 2017.

Laubscher is committed to continual improvement of its environmental performance and to respecting the laws and regulations. Its focus is on five site specific topics: green electricity, water treatment, recycling, building services, and cleaning. Environmental protection or sustainability so far have not been a strategic issue and are neither a topic in company communications nor in marketing or sales.
The utilization of the new production hall and the machinery are insufficient. By pushing sales and distribution and by developing new markets Laubscher wants to achieve its planned higher growth rates. The following arguments point towards the cleantech industries as an attractive new market, where it should be well positioned:

  • Environmental protection and sustainability are global megatrends
  • Cleantech markets are forecasted to show high growth rates in Switzerland and Germany as well as globally
  • The cantone Berne has decided to become the most important cleantech location in Switzerland by 2025. The national cleantech master plan defines
  • 10 cleantech fields: (1) renewable energies, (2) energy efficiency, (3) power storage, (4) renewable materials, (5) resource and material efficiency, (6)
  • sustainable water management, (7) sustainable mobility, (8) sustainable agriculture and forestry, (9) white, green, and yellow bio technology,(10) environmental technology.
  • Laubscher works already for clients which come from the cleantech sector: e.g. sustainable mobility: turned parts for AdBlue systems for diesel engines (reduction of NOx). There could be found more examples e.g. in the field of energy efficiency.
  • Its infrastructure complies with high environmental standards (heat recovery, closed cooling circuits, modern filter and cleaning systems).


  • Define and analyze the cleantech industries with a focus on precision turning parts (analysis of the relevant market)
  • Develop a marketing strategy for the cleantech industries, thereby taking into account differences and synergies to the watch and medtech industries which are very important for Laubscher
  • Analyze and suggest innovative business models for Laubscher to succeed in the clean tech industries


  • Factbased analysis of the relevant cleantech markets
  • SWOT analysis of Laubscher for relevant cleantech markets/market segments
  • Analysis of current and future demand for specific precision turned parts in different cleantech markets/segments
  • Analysis of strategic positioning and competitive strategies for Laubscher for selected markets/segments
  • Analysis of marketing key success factors in selected markets/segments
  • Suggestions for a promising marketing-mix and action planning


Summary report of the market attractiveness for precision turning parts in selected markets/segments of the cleantech industries and definition of a promising marketing strategy for Laubscher

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