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Consulting Projects 2016-17: Impact Hub Arc Lémanique

Consulting Project: Impact Hub Arc Lémanique| 2016-17

Project Title: The Lausanne Food Project: Prototype for solving food waste

This project is assigned by Impact Hub Arc Lémanique to a consulting team within the Diploma in Sustainable Business program. The project timeline includes the period of October 2016 – June 2017.

Project Goal

A focus of the upcoming Impact Hub Lausanne will be to create a platform for cross-sectoral collaboration and innovation towards the achievement of the SDG N°12, in line with the Swiss Sustainability Strategy 2016-2019. The aim is to connect and enable different stakeholders (city, canton, private sector, universities, civil society etc.) to take collective action as well as enabling emerging entrepreneurial initiatives through incubation and acceleration programs in partnership with relevant stakeholders.


  • Develop and test a concept and design of a cross-sectoral platform and incubation program to effectively reduce the amount of food waste in the city of Lausanne
  • A Swiss showcase with the city of Lausanne how a city can contribute and be mobilized to create tangible impact towards the SDG N°12 through collaboration and a multi stakeholder approach.


  • Mapping and analysis of relevant actors and partners in the field of responsible production and consumption of food
  • Literature search and best-practice benchmarking information
  • Development of a project plan with key milestones, including:
    • A series of activities and events to engage and involve the different stakeholders of the city (using the Collaboratory methodology as a basis).
    •  An incubation program to support the most innovative initiatives and startups in food waste in the region
    •  Conceptualize a yearly event bringing together all partners and stakeholders to review the impact created over the year and defining the targets for the year to come (or equivalent).
  • Engaging key stakeholder participants to initiate a dialogue (see below for a first set of local players), including:
    • Identifying the key participants and inviting them to an initial session
    •  Developing and implementing a stakeholder engagement journey that results in clear outcomes and deliverables


  • An integrated long-term project plan that is ready to be implemented
  • A feasible short-term pilot project to test the long-term project
  • A series of stakeholder sessions that identify a series of actionable projects to be embraced by the various stakeholders individually and together

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