Diploma of Advanced Studies in Sustainable Business

Consulting Projects 2016-17: Emerell AG

Consulting Project: Emerell AG

Project Title:  Sustainable business development: Evaluation and integration of sustainability into Emerell’s acquisition process

This project is assigned by Emerell AG to a consulting team within the Diploma in Sustainable Business program. The project timeline includes the period of October 2016 – June 2017.

Overall goal

Emerell is the first and only pure contract manufacturer for polymeric speciality products and formulated chemical preparations. The company’s acquisition process (Projektentwicklungs-Prozess, PEP) follows certain internal procedures which are mainly technically and economically driven. With the exception of regarding some hazardous and safety issues, environmental and social impacts thereby remain so far unattended to a large extent. The goal of this project is to develop and describe a process which allows implementing sustainability criteria into Emerell’s acquisition process.


  • Development of a concept to take economic, social and environmental aspects systematically into consideration within Emerell’s acquisition process
  • that represents state-of-the-art knowledge and best practice
  • that builds on the company’s vision, mission and culture
  • that takes into consideration the company’s policies, structures and competences
  • that secures acceptance from Emerell’s employees
  • that supports Emerell and its employees in establishing and living a sustainability culture (awareness and behavior)


  • Development of a project plan with Emerell
  • Build a deep understanding of company culture, policies, fields of activity, procedures and processes
  • Sustainability analysis of Emerell’s acquisition process (PEP) and requirements
  • Evaluation of sustainability issues (materiality matrix) in Emerell’s production competences: film extrusion, chemical reaction and mixing techniques
  • Sustainability check for a specific pilot acquisition project (tbd)
  • Development and documentation of a process for evaluating the sustainability of the pilot acquisition project
  • Development and documentation of a generalized guideline for evaluating the sustainability of current and future acquisition projects, based on the pilot acquisition project
  • Appropriate project documentation


  • Summary report of the literature search and best-practice benchmarking information for a sustainability check for Emerell’s business model as pure contract manufacturer
  • Full documentation of the sustainability check for the pilot acquisition project
  • Applicable process descriptions and supporting documents (e.g. guideline, forms, checklists, etc.) allowing Emerell to evaluate the sustainability of current and future acquisition projects
  • A publication in a professional journal would be appreciated
  • An action research report (example available from previous DAS team working with sister company Nolax)