Diploma of Advanced Studies in Sustainable Business

Consulting Projects 2017-18: Losinger Marazzi SA

Losinger Marazzi SA

Project Title:  The 2000Watt Community – Developing a comprehensive offer

Overall Goal

Losinger Marazzi SA is the leading Swiss construction company in terms of embracing sustainable approaches into their offering and project. They are a part of the integrative Bouygues Group and are operating as an independent business unit in the Swiss market. Losinger Marazzi SA is actively promoting new building approaches (such as 2000 Watt Society) and is eager to further define and integrate what sustainability means in new and interconnected buildings and districts. Very challenging goals are set out by the 2000W society concept, both for layout and construction phase of eco-districts, as well as in use performance.

In order to reach the envisioned goals after building completion and during the use, the company would like to develop with the support of the BSL/HSG Executive Students a integrative offer approach to enable users and third parties of 2000W society districts alike to reach defined sustainability objectives over long period of times and fulfill the key values as defined with the clients (investors).  

Overall Objectives:

Developing an integrative offer approach including technical, data management as well as sociological aspects, to reach sustainability goals of 2000W districts in use

Defining an integrative offer concept for the company, based on two research areas:

  • Identifying influencing factors to reach energy, transportation and running cost objectives set for a 2000W district.
  • Identifying levers to influence and manage these factors through an integrative offer approach (including service platform such as “allthings”, innovating service exchange themes, information and feedback strategy to influence user behavior etc.)
  • Defining a framework & understanding of how to use and manage “user data” necessary to generate meaningful energy reporting.
  • Defining a framework & understanding of how to generate real time data based information and feedback instruments enabling third parties to strive towards the defined common sustainability goals of a 2000W district in use. This work will include analysis of legal and technical aspects and aims to identify risks and opportunities.


  1. Identifying primary and secondary factors that define the sustainability performance of a 2000W district, including technical, social, as well as reputational and information related aspects.
  2. Identifying levers to influence and manage these factors through an integrative approach service of the company. Classifying the levers in terms of risks, opportunities and importance (effort vs gain).
  3. Defining the key factors that have to be included in order to develop and adapt an integrative offer to the client’s (investors or/and end users) needs.
  4. Developing a strong rationale (pitch) to integrative offer for embracing sustainability performance as a key decision factor in complex area projects (even if they are not short-term financially beneficial).
  5. Developing and applying a framework interpretation of “user data management” to a concrete case (to be defined), including opportunities for reinforcing desirable behavioral change within legal restrictions.
  6. Undertaking a Sustainability workshop with selected users in order to understand key factors that influence perception of sustainability performance goals from an individual viewpoint and identify levers of positively influencing these factors through an integrative offer approach.

Inputs from the company:

  • Project leader personally attends the 4 project meetings in Switzerland to ensure alignment with team (6. October, 15. December 2017, 23. March and 15. June 2018)
  • Student team has access to in-company experts when needed
  • Participation in workshops and stakeholder engagement processes (to be defined).
  • All required data and input for students to develop solutions (subject to client approval and confidentiality).


  • Strategic integrative offer definition proposal with clear recommendations for how to advance and implement
  • Clearly identified levers of change for implementing the integrative offer strategy
  • Client profiling and appropriate pitches along the strategic choice
  • Various rationales (pitches) as outlines in the activities (see above)


Clearly defined strategic in order to develop the integrative offer approach in the sustainable area market Switzerland, that is both embedded in the organization and actionable to be implemented.

Team support from the company:

Company project leader:

  • Christof Kreienbühl

Other members involved from the company:

  • René Bäbler and Dominique Meyer
  • Damien Robin (energy reporting aspects)
  • To be defined