BSL Doctoral School

The relation between the candidate and the supervisor is the central pillar of the DBA program.

Around this relationship, various resources and activities are built in order to enrich the candidate’s experience, enhance their feeling of belonging to the BSL academic community and improve their final chance of a successful Doctoral study journey.

Candidates have access to online resources including BSL exclusive webinars addressing research methodology topics such as:

  • Specific research design
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Specific research design
  • The application of different research methods
  • Management of research projects
  • Research presentation

A series of webinars and forums are also held to provide a space for personal development and reflection.

DBA Acceleration Weeks – The BSL Signature Support

The goal of the DBA Acceleration Weeks (DAW) is to help students accelerate the process of their doctoral studies and work towards meeting the deadlines set regarding the completion of their DBA program.

The DAWs will help students solve problems in areas such as:

  • Thinking and reasoning
  • Research methodology
  • Academic writing and the writing process
  • Communication
  • DBA work-life balance related questions
  • Personal and professional development

DAWs are a unique opportunity for students to work on their thesis in an international academic environment whilst also accelerating their academic thinking skills and writing proficiency.

The acceleration weeks take place twice every year, once in Spring and again in Autumn. Participation in the DAWs is included in the DBA tuition fees for all students enrolled in the program.

BSL Doctoral School is an essential part of BSL academic community, connecting researchers, faculty, students and practitioners.