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Academic Calendar

The Academic year runs on two semesters per year:

  • The Fall-Winter semester begins early September and ends in mid-February the following year.
  • The Spring-Summer semester begins early March and ends at the end of July the same year.
Year 1 - The role of business in the era of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

12 days of courses focused on clarifying the role of business in the context of existing and emerging Grand Challenges of our times. Pre-approved 2-day courses include the following options, currently available at BSL:

Detailed scheduled available here.

Additional courses are offered every semester.

Year 2 - Clarifying the role of an individual change maker in an organization
  • Two one-week seminars in Switzerland or Southern Europe
    • Personal assessment of changer maker strengths and developmental areas
    • Reflection on professional experience and definition of area of expertise
    • Sketching of an in-company intervention to study change-making effectiveness in a relevant area for you
  • Independent study before and after the seminars
  • Monthly webinars and independent work, including the completion of your Global Leadership Profile to develop an understanding of your personal leadership capacity
  • Building on insights obtained in Year 1, write a literature review about a topic of your choice as discussion input for the first seminar week
  • In-company work accompanied by a coach: preparation and set-up of the in-company intervention
Year 3 - Developing and assessing change maker capacity and effectiveness
  • Two one-week seminars in Switzerland or Southern Europe
    • Assessing your personal effectiveness as a change maker during the in-company project
    • Reflecting on the in-company intervention in terms of challenges, achievements, lessons learned
    • Coaching a Year 2 student and teaching in area of expertise and in-company intervention
  • Independent study before and after the seminars
  • Monthly webinars and independent work
  • Completing the personal development reflection paper outlining your strengths and development areas
  • Updating and finalizing the literature review paper about your topical interest
  • Completing the in-company intervention in a comprehensive practitioner-oriented case study

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