Program Overview

The BSL Bachelor of Business Administration allows you to deepen your understanding of your future personal and professional development. The school supports your preparation for a professional life by offering a comprehensive Bachelor that not only builds a strong foundation in all practical and professional skills, but also provides you with courses on managerial and inter-personal skills that prepare you for working in a fast-changing market.

Program Objectives
  • You will develop personal attitudes, sensibilities, and values that will nurture your capacity to be a self-aware, responsible, and grounded leader of yourself and others.
  • You will be encouraged to forge your own path in business by developing the entrepreneur inside you through class activities that require your independent thinking, initiative, and self-organization, as well as through the Entrepreneurship Coaching Program available to all students.
  • You will be prepared to tackle real-life challenges through a continuous exposure to recent examples from the business world, practical assignments, business simulations, issue-based projects, individual and group presentations, and case studies.

BSL Signature Features

  • Small classes with personalized attention and support from professors
  • Professors who are seasoned and currently active business practitioners and experts in their field, bringing the latest business knowledge into the classroom every day
  • International and diverse environment with students from 60 nationalities
Program Options

Option 1: BBA Accelerated

  • Obtain your Bachelor degree within 2 years
  • Condensed curriculum with a more dynamic approach towards learning
  • Get a head start in forging your professional path or continue with graduate studies at the master’s level

Option 2: BBA Classic

  • Obtain your Bachelor degree within 3 years
  • Evenly spread curriculum allowing you more time for extracurricular activities 
  • Possibility to complement your studies with a practical experience such as internship or volunteering in the final term (10 weeks), if you are eligible for employment in Switzerland

Option 3: BBA Double Degree

  • Obtain your Bachelor degree within 2.5-3 years (depending on start date)
  • Final, third year in Dublin or Paris, allowing a double Bachelor degree from BSL and Dublin Business School (DBS), or BSL and Université Paris-Est Créteil (UPEC, Paris)
  • International, multi-faceted, and diverse learning environment


Our Education Consultants
Melanie Le Chêne & Andy Reynolds look forward to hearing from you

Program Format

2 or 3 years (depending on option)

 Start Date
Each September, November, February and May

 Number of courses
36 courses and 8 BIW (view the list)

3-5 half-day classes (Mon-Fri) plus homework

 Number of terms
4 terms, comprising of 10 weeks, per academic year

 Program credits
200 ECTS