Career Support & Employability

Jobs and Internships

During school breaks and between completion of the studies and graduation students who qualify for employment in Switzerland are welcome to take an internship opportunity to complement their studies with a practical experience. The career office is supporting students by providing them employability tools and internship agreements while cantonal authorities are the ultimate responsible for giving green light to companies with regards to hire interns. The Internship is not integrated in this program and does not count for academic credits.

In addition, from day one on campus, you will have access to our internal job and internship search platform which allows you to browse opportunities in Switzerland and abroad. The platform is updated regularly with opportunities that come through a broader community of alumni, partnering organizations, social enterprises, and other organizations.

Career Development Course

You will take a Career Development Skills course as part of your curriculum. The course equips you with essential skills and competencies that make you effective in your job search. It covers various topics such as professional networking, interview presentation, self-assessment and career planning.

Personalized Career Advice

We want to help you find more than a job. We will encourage you to craft a meaningful and fulfilling professional path, based on your personal interests, passions, and strengths. Throughout the program, our dedicated career counsellor will work with you, providing one-on-one career advice, job search guidance, internship support, resume writing consultation, and recommendations for suitable opportunities.

Guest Speakers and Company Visits

You will expand your network of contacts and will meet industry experts through regular guest speaker visits in class. You will take part in organized visits of companies and NGOs in the region which provide an excellent opportunity to gain insight into how different organizations work, what specific challenges each industry faces, and how different roles and functions work together.

View a list of recent guest speakers at BSL.

Global Alumni Network

You will become part of a global network of students and alumni from over 60 nationalities. Many of our graduates have become entrepreneurs and successfully launched their own businesses. Others have chosen a corporate career in multinationals or a service-oriented path in the public sector. Regardless of which way you go, you will be encouraged to reach out to the network as you craft your future employment.

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