Bachelor of Business Administration

Learning by Doing

How is Learning for UGGs at BSL?

Become your own teacher through Action learning and Experiential learning

Higher Education has been observing learners’ appetite for more action and less theoretical learning for a few years now.

Business School Lausanne has always been ahead of its time, connecting theoretical knowledge acquisition with real-life situations and cases. From the foundation, Business School Lausanne Faculty is composed of seasoned Business People who are part-time Academics. We now go further with a strong focus on Experiential Learning.

We want our students to become their own teachers because it is the best way to become life-long learners. To achieve this goal, we let them experiment with knowledge acquisition by shaping a part of their teaching program. At the end of their studies, all UGG students can engage in an internship or an entrepreneurial project.

During their studies, they also participate in real business projects in the framework of their classes. Every term, our UGG students work together and become the shapers of their own teaching and learning for a “Business Innovation Week.” Students independently organize four teaching weeks a year, choosing the topics they are interested in and contacting the speakers they want to be heard. The School supports, but it does not interfere. We help if they reach out with organizational or technical questions. We connect if they think they need an introduction to somebody they cannot contact on their own.  These weeks are an opportunity for our students to experiment with what business is about!

They can immediately apply their learning by fostering their project management skills, leadership skills, ability to collaborate, and communicating internally with us and externally with the guest speakers.

But what would business studies be if there wasn’t the financial component? Our students, therefore, get a budget for the week to book speakers, organize in-house pieces of training, company visits, or teambuilding activities.

Term after term, the growth of the Business Innovation Weeks is nurturing a unique culture of Experiential Learning at Business School Lausanne. More and more students develop entrepreneurial projects, some with the in-house Incub&Co incubator, others with their professors. The list of the companies which welcome our students as interns are also getting more and more impressive.

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