Ulrich Golüke – Germany

Associate Professor

Ulrich Goluke has spent his professional life in business, academia, NGOs and as a freelancer. He is a system dynamicist by training has worked for over thirty years with systems modeling (in shipping, health care, real estate. economics and climate change). He has taught system dynamics courses and supervised MSc students. He also has been working with scenarios, starting in the 1990ties with the World Business Council for Sustainable Development as the Director of the Scenario Unit and since 2000 as free-lancer. Clients have included numerous Fortune 100 companies, universities, and foundations. He teaches scenario planning at various universities.

He has written Generous Respect: The next story of humanity in 2018 and Scenarios: How to create them and Why you should in 2016.

More info on www.blue-way.net and www.szenarien-in-schulen.net (in German).

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