Oanh Thi Kim Vo

Doctoral Candidate

Nationality: Vietnamese

Highest Academic Degree: MBA

Institution / University: University of the People (UoPeople, USA)

Professional Career

Over 16 years of working experience, Oanh served in senior management board in NGOs, resort, golf course, FMCG, medical university involving financial management and leadership. Oanh was a representative in Asia’s Race to the Top 15 competitions for Area Managers. Her working principles are pursuing professionalism, outstanding performance, and innovation and always ensuring the highest level of togetherness, spirit and passion in her team. Oanh held the position of Director of Medical English Center and International Affairs position in Phan Chau Trinh University, Vietnam and currently is working to be a consultant in startups.

Oanh has devoted herself to many social activities to provide better chances for the children in Vietnam, focusing on bringing school supplies and clean drinking water to kids in Vietnam’s rural and mountainous areas. She expects her NGO will be able to reach many more children for giving back to kids. 

Research Interest

Successful and failed startups’ case studies, strategic leadership and management, and corporate business models.

Research Specialty

Successful and failed startups and their best practices and winning strategies, market, product, and people in successful startups.

Statement of Motivation for a DBA

My motivation to undertake a DBA at BSL is a twofold objective: pursuing a research degree and matching professional goals. Understanding Vietnamese startups’ critical challenges, contributing significantly to Vietnamese startups’ success, is important because only 3% are truly successful. The global startup failure rate generally ranges from 75 to 90%. The study’s motivation is to make a real difference, relevant, useful and applicable and its findings are encouraged to be applied by leaders and businesses with significant business impact for transformation. I dedicate myself to designing training programs to shorten the gap between learning academic theory and applying it to the business world’s reality, one of the educational goals that Vietnam has been seeking to improve.

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