Dr. Patrick Rose

Doctoral Supervisor

Nationality: American

Professional Career & Mini Bio

Dr. Patrick Rose is Director of the TRIO Educational Opportunities Center and Talent Search at Idaho State University in Pocatello, Idaho USA. Prior to this, he was Director for International Affairs and Associate Chair of the Doctorate Program at Seoul Business School in Seoul, South Korea where he supervised graduate students’ research projects and taught research methods (statistics). While working in Korea, he also served as Executive Advisor for Advancement and External Affairs in the Office of the President at Incheon National University and taught at the Stony Brook University branch campus.

Earlier in his career, Dr. Rose was the Manager for Auburn University’s Applied Research Lab and Broadband Technology Opportunities Project grant. In this position, he worked with many different industry, academic, and government clients to design, plan and implement high-quality applied research projects. His expertise is in survey research methods, including sample design, survey instrument construction, the data collection process, data coding, statistical analysis, and report writing. While at AU, he received a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology.

Favorite Research Topics

Dr. Rose’s research interest is in investigating how people rationally apply technology to improve productivity and how it mediates human behavior. His research focuses on how work is becoming increasingly technology-mediated and how this powerful force of change is reshaping human interactions and relationships in the office. In 2021, he published an article that deconstructs the intrinsic capabilities of digital spreadsheet technologies and reveals how they are used in practice to reproduce and produce power relations in modern social organizations. His 2022 article demonstrates how the recent rapid technology shifts in society are influencing ways of thinking about the nature and meaning of education (discourses) that are engaged in an antagonistic tug-of-war over truth.

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