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Dr. Hilary Bradbury

Dr. Hilary Bradbury

Visiting Professor

Prof. Dr. Hilary Bradbury is a visiting professor for the BSL DBA program. Hilary’s research, teaching and consulting help develop human and organizational dimensions of healthy communities.

She is a founding fellow of Society for Organizational learning and Action Inquiry Associates. She is Editor-in-Chief of Action Research journal and Professor of Management at OHSU as well as visiting professor at Business School Lausanne and California Institute for Integral Studies. Hilary has designed and led research-for-action programs with companies including OHSU, BP, Nike, Shell, Harley Davidson, Waste Management, Mattel, Port of Los Angeles, among others.

Hilary’s PhD is in Organization Studies. Her journal articles have appeared in Organization Science, Sloan Management Review & Journal of Management Inquiry, among others. Previously Hilary served as Director of Sustainable Business Research at the Center for Sustainable Cities at University of Southern California. Before that she was Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior at Case Western Reserve University.

Hilary is principal and chair of the registered 5013c that funds and supports community sustainability projects. Special emphasis is brought to funding and supporting those projects at the intersection between spiritual work and “greener” ways of living.

Hilary lives in Portland, OR. As with many Portlandians, she seeks to design everyday life with as little driving and as much local, sustainable food as possible. In her spare time she volunteers with the palliative care team and heads up a meditation program for volunteers. She also runs, swims and writes creative fiction. Hilary may be reached at

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