Dr. Asli Yüksel Mermod – Turkey

Dr. Asli Yüksel Mermod (Swiss/Turkish) started her academic career in 1996 after moving from professional business career where she worked as public relations manager in International Convention and Exhibition Center (Istanbul) and as editor, copy writer in Mediart Advertising Agencies.  She studied Economics at Konstanz University / Germany and Marmara University/ Istanbul. She completed her master’s degree in the area of Financial Services Marketing and received her doctorate degree in Finance in Marmara University Banking and Finance Institute. She worked as Professor of  Finance in Marmara University (Business Administration Department in English) for 20 years. Besides, she lectured as adjunct faculty for Webster University (Geneva),  Montreux Buiness University, Bahcesehir University and Okan University.

Prof. Dr. Mermod’s  research areas cover Bank Management, Electronic Finance, Financial Services Marketing, Socially Responsible Investing and Sustainability. Dr. Mermod published a great deal of articles in several international finance and marketing peer-viewed journals. She has published also various books and journal articles about Bank Management, Brand Equity, Services Marketing, Sustainability and CSR in different languages.

In addition to her research and teaching responsibilities, Dr. Yuksel Mermod has taken actively part in University Administration. She worked as Vice Director of Marmara University Institute of Social Sciences and as Erasmus-Sokrates Programme Coordinator for post graduates. She participated in the board of directors in Social Sciences Institute and Banking and Finance Institute for several years. Dr. Mermod is a board member of ICS ( International Center of Sustainability in MU) and  she is also consultant for  Women’s Studies Research Center at M.U. She organizes and gives continuous seminars in  the field of Finance, Brand Management and Budgeting.

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