David Kibbe

Head of Dean’s Office & Communications

Nationality: Swiss, Canadian

Professional Career & Mini Bio

David joined Business School Lausanne (BSL) for the first time in 2001 as a Bachelor student. David went on to work in a variety of industries in including manufacturing, tourism, entertainment and technology, yet has always found himself in a communications role.

David joined the administrative team at BSL in 2012 at the reception and has since blossomed and grown into new roles and responsibilities with his dedication and on the job learning. Now heading the Dean’s Office and Marketing, David’s communication role spans outside of BSL, spreading the word and way of BSL.

Having lived in Switzerland for over 30 years, David’s knowledge of the local area, customs and formalities is of great benefit to all students who join BSL. His eagerness to help, solution-oriented attitude and big smile make him extremely approachable.

David enjoys technology and gadgets and in his own time works with audio hardware, upcycling old equipment into new. If you have a tech question or want to discuss technology, beware that your conversations may be long lasting! When he isn’t working on a project, you may find him behind a microphone doing voice-over work or find him trail running in the hills around his home.

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