Daniele Ticli

Daniele Ticli

Committed to student employability and responsible development by creating meaningful connections through alumni network and business community.

Dani joined BSL in 2017, in charge of roles related to students’ employability, Alumni relations, internships and career counselling.

He moved his first steps in journalism (newspapers, radio, TV) while completing his undergraduate studies in Political Science in Italy and for one semester in Finland. The switch into higher education happened in 2007; since then he covered several management positions in admissions, academic operations and student affairs between The Netherlands and Switzerland, developing an expertise in both online and face-to-face learning environments.

Dani likes traveling, photography, connecting people, cooking, music and sports. He also believes in life-long education: after his Bachelor Degree he completed a Post-Graduate Certificate in BA and he’s currently enrolled in a Master of Arts in Educational Leadership.

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