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Caroline Rennie

Caroline Rennie

Associate Professor

Caroline is the managing partner of ren-new sàrl, a management consultancy based in La Conversion, Switzerland, that focuses on helping people and organizations to make sustainability profitable. Having studied Public Administration at the University of Pennsylvania, she focused her interests on Innovation, Leadership and Sustainbility. Since then Caroline has worked in the area of sustainability as Marketing Manager at Envirothene (plastic recycling Company) in the US, then by becoming a political advisor and deputy chair of California Waste Management Board in Sacremento.

Further to this she moved to Brussels to establish the first Environmental Affairs position for plastics division of the largest packaging company in the World, Schmalbach-Lubeca. Starting in 1997, she worked in the environmental department of Tetra Pak International, holding different positions, and as of 2004, Caroline was the Director of Environmental Communication for 3 years. In 2007, Caroline established a consultancy – ren-new sarl.

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