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Carlo Giardinetti

Carlo Giardinetti

I was born in Italy, in a traditional large Italian family with a caring working father and a loving and caring mother, grandmothers, brother, sister, cousins…well you get it! I was also living a dream in my earliest life: to become a professional footballer in Serie A. While I was close to accomplishing my dream, life events pushed me to change and start a new life travelling around the world and managing Hotels and Resorts in beautiful destinations. As someone who changes life so radically, I have been ready to do it all over again and since 6 years I am now in a completely new (and third) life, in a new country and culture in Switzerland and in the education world. There is something about living multiple lives within your one lifetime, and something tells me that I am not over with it. While it takes some courage to embark in new life adventures, it soon becomes a necessity. My sense is that I have developed a curiosity and a sense of urgency for learning about the world and the people that live in it. The problem with this is that the more you learn, the more you realize you know so little about it. So, how many lives does it take to satisfy such curiosity? I will definitely try as many as I can!