Alexandre Demers

Doctoral Candidate

Nationality: Canadian

Highest Academic Degree: MBA with a specialization in Project Management

Institution / University: Capella University

Professional Career

Alex cumulates over 15 years of experience in supply chain and project management across energy and infrastructure construction mega projects globally. Alex worked on various oil and gas projects across Western Canada, implemented the site material management strategy for the multi-billions midstream QCLNG project in Australia and established and implemented the pipeline station construction contract strategy as well as assisted with the in country logistic organization for the $8.5 billion TANAP project in Turkey.

Most recently Alex served as Director Procurement, Contract, Logistic and Asset Management for SNC-Lavalin for the $2+billion construction project of the New Samuel de Champlain Bridge in Montréal, Canada. His ability to deliver results in a project environment whilst managing large teams and complex situations enabled him to build and implement a logistics strategy across Quebec and Spain, delivering over 1300 over-size pieces with an off-site fabrication procurement strategy on one of Canada’s most complex and demanding bridge project.

Research Interest

The Construction Project Supply Chain transformation through its process automatization, real-time data and Industrial Revolution 4.0 principles. 

Research Specialty

Construction Supply Chain, Project Management, Strategic Planning, Implementation and Optimization of Project Operational Strategies.

Statement of Motivation for a DBA

I see the DBA as the perfect opportunity to combine the research, and work expertise that I have acquired over the years to contribute and to give back to the field of Supply Chain in Construction Project.

Construction Project Supply Chain is under tremendous pressure to re-engineer itself and adapt its modus operandi to be more time and cost efficient, sustainable and connected.  The implementation of the principles of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 and the optimization of real-time data will be critical in achieving that objective. My goal in this doctoral research journey is to acquire additional skills and knowledge to support the Construction Supply Chain stakeholders in their selection and implementations of means to generate value and make Construction project more efficient and connected.

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