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BSL has 30 years of experience in developing well-rounded and responsible leaders who make a significant contribution to their organizations and communities around the world.

Our global network of alumni connects more than 1,000 alumni from over 50 nationalities. A big part of them have become entrepreneurs and successfully launched their own businesses; others have chosen a corporate career in multinationals like UBS, ABB, Procter & Gamble, HSBC, Johnson & Johnson, Bulgari, IBM, Nestlé, DHL, Accenture, Syngenta, Caterpillar and countless others.

As a result of the intense learning experience in small classes, BSL graduates have built a tight network that supports their continuous personal and professional growth.

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We are sending a quarterly newsletter to all alumni to keep the network well-informed about the latest news and events.  Sharing your personal or professional updates through the newsletter is the best way to stay connected.

Attend alumni meetings and gatherings

The annual Graduation ceremony of BSL is traditionally attended by alumni and provides a great opportunity to reconnect to fellow peers and faculty members. The event takes place each year in Lausanne and an invitation is sent to all alumni.

Alumni based in Switzerland organize regular informal gatherings. Check for upcoming meetings next time you visit Switzerland.

Keep learning with BSL

BSL provides its alumni with various opportunities for life-long learning. Graduates are eligible to take post-graduate courses at reduced rates and choose between different executive programs. Continuous education allows you to keep up with the latest developments and research on relevant business topics.

Be a guest speaker at BSL

Participating as a guest speaker in your area of expertise in in the familiar environment of BSL is the best way to reconnect to the academic community and can be a perfect introduction to lecturing at university level. Presenting to a BSL class also allows you to build brand awareness for your organization among a selected group of talented and ambitious students.

Start a local alumni chapter

BSL supports initiatives by alumni to start a local chapter in their country of residence. Get in touch with us to help you in this initiative.

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Join BSL’s alumni group on LinkedIn here.

Register with the BSL Career Platform

Register with the online BSL Career Platform, which lists employment opportunties, internships, networking opportunities and more.



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